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News - 12-09-2023

Creating a Rijk Zwaan account

In November 2022, we launched our brand new webshop for customers. An online platform offering the ability for you, or a trusted colleague, to place orders online any time of day or night. It’s available to you, 24/7, to browse variety information, place orders and check order status.

Of course, we think – and hope – it’s super easy to use. To be sure, we conducted a survey with some of our registered customers to hear their thoughts on the project so far. 71.5% of respondents said the registration process was very easy, 57% of customers said that they did not face any challenges when placing orders and 28% said that any challenges they faced were resolved very quickly, thanks to our excellent customer service!

Aswell as the ordering facility, there are many other benefits to creating an account with us. The possibility to view your previous online orders helps you keep track of your ordering habits. Our new ‘favourites’ functionality allows you to add any varieties you are interested in, to a favourites list. No more trying to remember the unusual name of that iceberg lettuce variety you looked at a few weeks ago!

We offer all this and more with a Rijk Zwaan account. What’s more, we know how valuable you are as our loyal customers. That’s why we are happy to hear and take forward your suggestions for improvements to our digital services.
Please email any suggestions to ecommercesupport@rijkzwaan.co.uk.

We understand that our customers value the high-quality service that they receive from our team, and we receive regular feedback that the personal contact plays a big part in this. That’s why you can be sure that our sales reps and office sales support team are not going anywhere. We are still here to help you with queries, variety advice and anything else you might need, including support and training to use the webshop.

Not sure if you’re convinced yet? You're not alone. In fact, despite 42.8% of customers liking the idea of the webshop both before and after using it, 28.5% said that they were not completely convinced to start with, but after using it, they can really see and experience the benefits to themselves and their businesses. 70% said that they are likely to recommend the webshop to fellow professionals in the industry. That’s something we’re proud to share.

Join us in a smarter way of working and create a Rijk Zwaan Webshop account today.

Still have some questions? Give us a call on 01759 305830 or send us an email to ecommercesupport@rijkzwaan.co.uk.

Sales Support
Sales Support
Jasmine Burns
Specialist E-commerce