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News - 06-10-2023

Welcome, Derek!

At the start of September, we welcomed our newest colleague to the team, Derek Hallendorff. Derek joins us armed with a wide range of knowledge, experience, and fresh ideas.

Whilst new to the UK team, Derek is a seasoned expert when it comes to the agricultural industry. His whole life has revolved around agriculture in one way or another, starting with running a pedigree Jersey herd shortly after graduating from Cedara Agricultural College to fruit farming in Kent, UK. After welcoming his son, the family moved back to South Africa, which is where Derek would take his first steps into the wonderful world of vegetables. Starting as a Farm General Manager, growing and packing for the retail and convenience industry and eventually, moving to Rijk Zwaan South Africa in 2018 to take up the role of Area and Chain Manager.

Five years later, here we are! Derek was welcomed to the UK team this year in a Client Manager capacity. Derek said, ‘I am looking forward to getting involved in the various businesses we support and to meeting the wonderful people who run them.’

We are so pleased to welcome Derek to the team and look forward to identifying and supporting new and existing customers with improved methods and practices, with his support.

Client Manager
Client Manager
Derek Hallendorff
Client Manager