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Joe Beard
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Some plants have stronger natural resistances against diseases and pests than others. Rijk Zwaan has a keen eye for resistances of this kind. In cucumber, we have selected a number of varieties with natural resistances. They are identifiable by the blueleaf label.

Blue-green foliage

Some cucumber varieties have dark, blue-green foliage. These leaves contain more chlorophyll than normal. A blueleaf variety:

  • Absorbs more light and converts this into more growth and fruiting.
  • Is slower to yellow, meaning that the plant remains productive for longer even in the case of infection with the cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus (CYSDV).
  • Transports nutrients efficiently and effectively to all parts of the plant. This improves the production and fruit quality.
  • Is better able to withstand viruses, fungi such as Fusarium and mildew and pests such as whitefly and thrips.

In addition to being more resilient thanks to high chlorophyll levels, Blueleaf cucumber varieties also have the standard resistances against diseases and pests.

Season and production regions

The dark-green foliage helps growers to keep the plants healthier and in production for longer in a natural manner. Rijk Zwaan has developed blueleaf varieties for every season and for a large number of production regions. Blueleaf varieties are available for both long cucumbers and for mini cucumbers.

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