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The demand for organic vegetables is rising worldwide. Rijk Zwaan facilitates organic production with special varieties and seeds that have strong resistances and achieve a consistently high quality. We develop these based on our many decades of experience and up-to-date knowledge of organic production methods, the organic market and relevant legislation.

Especially for organic production

The vegetable varieties that Rijk Zwaan develops especially for the organic market have strong vigour, are productive and, above all, are resistant against many diseases and pests. All our vegetables for organic production are characterised by a good flavour, high quality and long shelf life, ensuring a successful growing season. Our breeders pay close attention to the organic qualities of each variety. For example, the blue leaf cucumber varieties – which are recognisable by their dark-green leaves – have a naturally strong resistance.

Extensive portfolio

We are continually extending our portfolio of varieties for organic production. We offer a wide range of organic seeds and seeds that have not been chemically treated. Our organically produced seeds comply with all the requirements of the European and North American certifying bodies for organic production. We keep a very close eye on global regulatory and market changes and adapt our variety breeding activities accordingly.

Customer focus

Our products for the organic market often stand out thanks to their striking, high-quality appearance, such as our striped aubergines. This is just one way in which we respond to consumer preferences and inspire our customers. Our varieties for different production regions make it possible to offer a consistent, year-round supply of organic products.

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Choosing the best organic variety is the first step to success

Respect for people and nature is embedded in the Crisantes family culture. Wholesum, an American/Mexican production company, grows organic produce in line with Fairtrade principles. Theojary Crisantes is pleased to have such a close relationship with Rijk Zwaan.

The story of Theojary Crisantes

New downy mildew resistance

For organic lettuce growers, it is essential to be certain of a good harvest. Rijk Zwaan offers them a choice of around 60 organic varieties with extensive resistances against diseases and pests, all of which respond well to organic fertilisers. A new, horizontal resistance to downy mildew could now represent an important next step. Johan Schut, Breeding Manager Lettuce, provides an overview of this and other breeding developments for organic lettuce.

The story of Johan Schut