Rugose Defense

High resistance to ToBRFV

I would be happy to tell you more about our varieties with HR resistance to ToBRFV

Joe Beard
Crop Advisor Hot Crops

Rijk Zwaan has found new genetics with high resistance (HR) to the Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV).

The best-performing hybrids are now available under the Rugose Defense label:

  • High resistance tested under virus pressure in practice
  • Tested by leading growers for agronomical value
  • Compatible with all commercially available rootstocks

Rugose Defense: Resistant Tomato Varieties Efficient Against ToBRFV in Infection Trials

Trials under high infection levels with ToBRFV have shown that our resistant varieties remain healthy, whereas susceptible varieties in the same greenhouse show clear symptoms leading to losses in marketable yield. Our new resistant varieties offered under the Rugose Defense label have been extensively tested in practice before commercial introduction.

Why choose high resistant varieties?

  • Susceptible varieties are unable to restrict the growth and/or development of ToBRFV. This leads to major losses in yield and allows the further spread of the virus.
  • Varieties with Intermediate Resistance (IR) restrict the growth and/or development of ToBRFV to some extent. These varieties may, however, exhibit symptoms and/or damage under normal virus pressure.
  • Varieties with High Resistance (HR) significantly restrict the growth and/or development of ToBRFV under normal virus pressure. However, HR varieties might show symptoms under extreme conditions because high resistance is not the same as immunity. Immunity is when a plant is not subject to virus infection. There are no tomato varieties with immunity to ToBRFV.
  • Strict hygiene measures and a clean start remain essential for a successful crop. Rijk Zwaan considers HR varieties in combination with good hygiene to be the best solution for preventing losses caused by ToBRFV.


  • Rijk Zwaan tomato varieties with high resistance to ToBRFV are compatible with all commercially available rootstocks. Rijk Zwaan’s high resistance is effective in combination with all susceptible rootstock varieties.
  • Please be aware that this might not be the case for other sources of resistance being introduced by others.
  • Trials have shown that rootstock variety Suzuka RZ performs strongly in combination with both susceptible and resistant tomato varieties.
  • In the coming period, Rijk Zwaan will continue to release new varieties for trials and commercial introduction from our worldwide breeding programmes.