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Unique flavours give retailers and foodservice companies the chance to set themselves apart, opening up new opportunities to sell vegetables to consumers. With the Sensational Flavours line, Rijk Zwaan offers a selection of varieties that have been objectively assessed as providing an exceptional taste experience.

Unique taste

Taste is an important factor in vegetable breeding. Our Sensational Flavours varieties offer a unique taste experience, whether raw or cooked: tomatoes with a perfect balance of sweet and sour notes, for example, or aubergines that absorb less fat during frying. The Sensational Flavours varieties also enable growers to explore new markets. They automatically meet all the key criteria for a successful season, such as harvest reliability and high productivity.

Stand-out selection

Products with a unique flavour have the opportunity to stand out and hence boost sales. Rijk Zwaan’s Sensational Flavours make segmentation easier; the varieties in this line have been specially selected from all our vegetable varieties as scoring significantly higher than the market standard in terms of taste. These findings have been analysed based on consumer research, expert panels and biochemical analysis, so objectivity is guaranteed. Rijk Zwaan is the only vegetable breeder to offer a flavour-based line of this kind.

International testing

Varieties from the line are available in Europe, Asia, America and beyond. Wherever necessary, Rijk Zwaan tests its varieties at local level to adapt the selection to local taste preferences.

Taste Sensational Flavours for yourself

A separate Sensational Flavours catalogue is available providing more information about this unique product line. We warmly invite you to come and taste the varieties for yourself at our tomato demo, at our trial fields or at one of the special dinners prepared by professional chefs who know how to bring out the very best in the Sensational Flavours varieties.

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