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Pink tomatoes with nice size and delicious taste

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Diversification opens up opportunities for market expansion. At Rijk Zwaan, we search worldwide for new traits to combine with our existing varieties’ strengths. That’s how we found Asian tomatoes with a pink colour, sweet flavour and juicy bite, and that ultimately resulted in our unique Silky Pink© tomato varieties.

Soft on the outside, strong on the inside

Silky Pinks bring together the best of two worlds: the unique appearance and aromatic flavour of the pink tomatoes that originated in Japan, and the robustness and high productivity of Rijk Zwaan varieties.

All Silky Pink tomato varieties are characterised by:

  • Pink flesh inside a translucent skin
  • A naturally sweet taste with a hint of acidity
  • A juicy yet firm bite
  • Robust plants

New segment

Silky Pink is available in 4 variations: as cocktail tomatoes (Silky Pink Ayako), beef tomatoes (Silky Pink Animo), cherry tomatoes (Silky Pink Sakura) and fine truss tomatoes (Silky Pink Kaori). The four tomato types form the Silky Pink range. Each outstanding on sweetness and juiciness and including high-tech quality and productivity standards.

Pink tomatoes enable a new market segment to be created that differs from red tomatoes in terms of both colour and aromatic flavour. Foodservice companies can also use pink tomatoes to set themselves apart.

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A perfect combination of size, colour and flavour

the story of Pere Meya, sales manager at Saborum Origen

A few months ago, the Catalan high-end retailer Ametller Origen started selling Rijk Zwaan’s pink beef tomato TY12 RZ under the Tip Top brand name. Pere Meya, sales manager at the company Saborum Origen which grows and sells these tomatoes, is very excited: “This beef tomato is probably the most complete tomato we have. It has a pink colour and is thin-skinned, very aromatic and tasty – ideal for salads.”

The story of Pere Meya