Life is Sweet with Sweet Palermo

Meet Sweet Palermo, our award winning sweet, pointed pepper. It's the perfect choice for consumers seeking great taste, versatility, and reliable quality. This unique and healthy pepper is now accessible year-round, thanks to our dedicated partners.

All about the Sweet Palermo® brand

Life is Sweet

Consumers are looking for a pepper that not only tastes great or can be easily prepared in lots of different ways, but also has a reliable and recognisable quality. At Rijk Zwaan, we have such a pepper. Our sweet pointed pepper brand, Sweet Palermo, stands out in sweetness, versatility and is very healthy. This unique and tasty sweet pointed pepper is now within everyone’s reach and together with our partners, we ensure a year round availability.


Indulge in the luscious goodness of Sweet Palermo, a pepper celebrated for its exceptionally juicy texture, distinctive rich sweetness and delicate thin skin. Elevate your culinary experiences with the unique flavours that this pepper brings to your dishes.


Discover the versatility of Sweet Palermo, a pepper that effortlessly adapts to various culinary techniques, including cooking, grilling, filling, and frying. Additionally, savour its natural goodness by enjoying it raw or incorporating it into your favourite salads. Sweet Palermo adds a touch of uniqueness to every dish, making it a must-have in your kitchen.


Experience the health benefits of Sweet Palermo, a pepper that contributes to your vitality. Packed with high levels of vitamin C and fibre, it also serves as a source of vitamin E, B6, and B11 (folate), all while being low in calories. Make a wholesome choice for your well-being with Sweet Palermo.


Its quality, versatility and flavour have been increasingly recognized by consumers. Over the years, Sweet Palermo has won several awards confirming its reliable and recognisable quality as well as its unique sweet flavour. Quite recently, we were delighted to be able to add yet another award to our ever-growing list:

2012: Best pepper in the Netherlands – a prize in Foodlog’s New Fresh category
2015: Product of the Year 2015 at the Fresh Market Fair in Poland
2018: FICA Summer Event The Netherlands; a recipe for red Sweet Palermo with chocolate
2020: Taste of the Year 2020 in Spain
2020: Superior Taste Award Brussels
2021: Taste of the Year 2021 in Spain
2022: Taste of the Year 2022 in Spain
2023: Taste of the Year 2023 in Spain
2024: Taste of the Year 2024 in Spain

Sweet Palermo Partner network

United with a
shared mission

The Sweet Palermo partner network is a community of growers and traders with specialized expertise in cultivating and trading Sweet Palermo peppers. This network ensures a reliable supply of consistently high-quality and flavourful peppers. As a member you gain exclusive rights to cultivate and trade Sweet Palermo peppers. Additionally, you can leverage our marketing resources, including packaging, promotional materials, and access to our consumer website.

Enthusiasm for
new colours

Chain partners have reacted enthusiastically to the new Sweet Palermo colours. Orange and chocolate-coloured variants are now available in addition to red and yellow ones within Rijk Zwaan’s brand of sweet pointed peppers. “We plan to introduce the trio of red, orange and yellow across the whole of Europe,” says Jesús Villegas from Unica Fresh.
Learn more about the distinctive qualities of Sweet Palermo
Learn more about the distinctive qualities of Sweet Palermo
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