A tropical adventure

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Joe Beard
Crop Advisor Hot Crops

Tatayoyo serves as a consumer brand for the snack-sized pepper variety Mitayo, which is a new product for the premium pepper segment. This unique sweet pepper is bursting with flavour and evokes a sense of tropical adventures from the very first taste. Thanks to its size, this sweet pepper is ideal for eating as a snack – just like an apple – which sets it apart from other peppers. The ready-to-eat Tatayoyo allows consumers to explore the unknown and they are sure to be surprised by its fullness of flavour.

The Tatayoyo brand story

When breeders at Rijk Zwaan discovered a ‘wild’ pepper bursting with flavour, they immediately felt this was the opportunity to create something really different. The breeders set to work to breed the genetics into a commercial variety which not only had a distinctive taste, but also an attractive colour and recognisable shape. After several years of crossing varieties, the first commercial pepper was created: Mitayo. Further research into this variety has confirmed that the breeders’ gut feeling was right; consumers love the taste, and so do chefs.

Bursting flavours

The mix of flavours experienced when eating the unique Tatayoyo pepper is more akin the fruity notes that characterise wild peppers. The stronger taste, more intense sweetness and greater presence of the aromas – many of which are typically found in fresh herbs, tropical fruits and even fine wines – ensure that Tatayoyo creates a truly new experience in the pepper category. It is delicious when eaten raw, like a fruit, and the flavours become even more refined when Tatayoyo is cooked as an ingredient in hot dishes. The pleasant aftertaste helps to prolong the sense of tropical adventures.

Ready to eat

Besides the burst of flavours, another thing that sets the Tatayoyo sweet pepper apart from other peppers is its convenient size, which fits perfectly into lunch boxes. This enables Tatayoyo to be positioned as a ready-to-eat concept that can be consumed on the go – just like an apple – or served as a healthy in-between snack. One Tatayoyo a day is enough to provide the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. As an added bonus, Tatayoyo peppers have virtually no seeds, resulting in an even more pleasant snacking experience.

Explore the unknown

Tatayoyo’s unique taste profile is almost certain to surprise consumers as they have probably never before experienced such flavours when eating a pepper. In a recent taste test, 89% of consumers liked the Tatayoyo when cooked, asking the same question for blocky only 50% liked the taste. Chefs also have a clear preference for Tatayoyo, as demonstrated by it receiving three stars from the International Taste Quality Institute (ITQI). According to one of the ITQI panel members, it has a “delicious taste with the perfect blend of sweetness and flavour”. The exceptionally sweet and intense taste can be explained by the high brix of around 10 and the aromatic profile; 19 of Tatayoyo’s volatiles different from those in existing peppers. Thanks to this, and as confirmed by consumer research and the ITQI, Tatayoyo offers a whole new experience in the pepper category. Are you ready to explore the unknown?